Grand Bahama Heritage Tour‏

Grand Bahama Tour‏Are you looking for a tour that allows you to explore various parts of Grand Bahama? Is it your dream to experience the hazy, lazy feeling of a tropical island where time stands still and you soak in the tranquil atmosphere around you? Well, one of the Freeport, Grand Bahama Tour that offers you just that experience is our West End Heritage Experience Tour. An excellent three(3) hour tour perfectly designed for a cruise tour excursion.  You’ll be picked-up from the Harbour by your personal tour guide.

The tour begins with a visit to the quaint little settlement of Pinder’s Point.  There you will visit the Mermaid’s Pond, Pinder’s Point Lighthouse and the native Bakery. Bahamians make some of the most scrumptious bread and pastries you will find and most of them with a tropical flair.  From there we will follow the coastal road through Eight Mile Rock pass the Boiling Hole with a quick stop for the fresh Conch Salad Demo at the Ritz. Watch the skill and expertise of the local fisherman as he removes the conch from the shell and then transforms in to a world class culinary masterpiece and makes the most delightful delicacy in the Caribbean. Samples will be available, but you will want to purchase a full serving of your own.  The tour will then continue on to Josey’s Cave in Jones Town. Here you connect with nature and all its beauty and splendor as you walk along the trail to the cave. Learn a little about the island’s history, natural vegetation, wildlife and culture.

From the cave we head on to Paradise Cove.  Grand Bahama is known for it’s spectacular beaches and Paradise Cove ranks high on the list.  This private, secluded sheltered cove provides the optimal conditions for snorkeling – especially for beginners.  Explore paradise below the sea as you snorkel among the fish, coral and wide array of marine life.  Or just lay on the white powdery sand beach and soak in the sun. All  though not included in the price of this tour, lunch is available at the restaurant on site.

Remember to bring your camera, the photo scenes are spectacular. This Grand Bahama tour is for that busy executive or family who needs to unwind, relax and reconnect with nature in paradise.



Grand Bahama Around Town Experience Tour

Grand Bahama TourA visit to  Grand Bahama Island just cannot get any better than this. Especially when you have your own personal guide to show you around town and take your through the hustle and bustle of the native city life. Imagine you and your family or friends exploring Freeport with a local professional guide . An expert guide who knows many of the special sites only adds value to your Grand Bahama Tour.

With your personal local  professional tour guide  your will experience Bahamian hospitality up close and personal as you get  Around Town and learn  the wonderful and exciting history and culture of the Bahama Islands.  Ask questions about Freeport, engage in fun or intellectual discussions especially catered to your interest.  No crowded tourist buses or limited schedules its all up to you.

The Around Town Tour  takes you to Grand Bahama’s  native local markets which offer fabulous shopping with  something there for everyone.  You can even attain Celebrity status at the Perfume Factory when you learn about  and design your own fragrance. For the Art enthusiast you will enjoy a visit to the Grand Lucayan Art gallery in order to experience some great artwork from historic artists. As you take a wildlife walk at the Rand Nature Center learn about the flora & fauna of our islands and how many have been incorporated into  our culture and lifestyle over the years.  Pay a visit to the Bahamian Brewery which manufactures Sands Beer and take a sip or two while you go back in history to our Bootlegging and Rum Running Days.

Grand Bahama Tour Around Town Experience lasts approximately three hours at a cost  of  $65 per adult.  For your children the trips will cost you $40 per child .

In short a visit to Grand Bahama Island has something exciting and wonderful in store for everyone and is definitely affordable. A great family experience that should not be missed the Grand Bahama Around Town Tour Experience will be the talk around the dinner table for years to come.  Book your tour today!