Grand Bahama Around Town Experience Tour

Grand Bahama TourA visit to  Grand Bahama Island just cannot get any better than this. Especially when you have your own personal guide to show you around town and take your through the hustle and bustle of the native city life. Imagine you and your family or friends exploring Freeport with a local professional guide . An expert guide who knows many of the special sites only adds value to your Grand Bahama Tour.

With your personal local  professional tour guide  your will experience Bahamian hospitality up close and personal as you get  Around Town and learn  the wonderful and exciting history and culture of the Bahama Islands.  Ask questions about Freeport, engage in fun or intellectual discussions especially catered to your interest.  No crowded tourist buses or limited schedules its all up to you.

The Around Town Tour  takes you to Grand Bahama’s  native local markets which offer fabulous shopping with  something there for everyone.  You can even attain Celebrity status at the Perfume Factory when you learn about  and design your own fragrance. For the Art enthusiast you will enjoy a visit to the Grand Lucayan Art gallery in order to experience some great artwork from historic artists. As you take a wildlife walk at the Rand Nature Center learn about the flora & fauna of our islands and how many have been incorporated into  our culture and lifestyle over the years.  Pay a visit to the Bahamian Brewery which manufactures Sands Beer and take a sip or two while you go back in history to our Bootlegging and Rum Running Days.

Grand Bahama Tour Around Town Experience lasts approximately three hours at a cost  of  $65 per adult.  For your children the trips will cost you $40 per child .

In short a visit to Grand Bahama Island has something exciting and wonderful in store for everyone and is definitely affordable. A great family experience that should not be missed the Grand Bahama Around Town Tour Experience will be the talk around the dinner table for years to come.  Book your tour today!