Lucayan National Park – Gold Rock Beach

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Last modified:February 11, 2017


Lucayan National Park – Gold Rock Beach

Lucayan National Park - Gold Rock BeachTruly a Bahamas travel deal! A Grand Bahama Nature Tour. Imagine…treading the grounds where Native Arawak
Indians lived and found their source of food. Imagine… an array of  beautiful wild plants and trees that seemingly call your name to touch and smell them. Imagine…one of the worlds longest underwater caves that
begin inland and extend underwater to the ocean. Considered Grand Bahamas’ Resort for native bats.

Imagine…the ultimate nature lover’s tour, birds to watch, wildlife all apart of this Grand Bahama island tour This 42 acre Lucayan National Park, named after it’s pre-Columbus inhabitants,is not only home to the world’s
longest known underwater cave system it provides the breeding ground for our marine life among the mangroves. And after hours of sight seeing and exploration reward yourself with a walk on one of the wolrd’s most pristine
powder white sand beaches.

Yes the breath taking tranquil Gold Rock Beach, which features one of the highest coastal dunes on the Island. The Lucayan National Park – Gold Rock Beach Tour gives you the opportunity to experience
the “True Nature” of the Island. Enjoy!

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